Mrs. Bell

Thank you so very much suggesting Saul have this eye test. And thank you so very much for your work with Saul.

He just finished his second Dinosaur Cave book, by the way!

A huge thank you to each of you.

I think Antony is amazing because when I was in year 4 I was not very confident & I was way below the rest of the class.  Two years later, & with Antony's help, I am much more confident & I am the same level as most of my class.  I would definitely recommend him as I have become so much better in the things I found hard because of all the help Antony has given me. 

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to have met you and be under your guidance. It is rare to find a good teacher.

you have made a huge impact in the way I read, make notes as well as work.

Mrs Batchelor
My daughter has just finished her year 6 SATs & her easiest paper was the grammar paper, which is amazing for a child who had very little comprehension of grammar 18 months ago.  The way Antony has tackled spellings with her have made it that even if she hasn't quite spelt a word 100% correct, it is near enough that anybody can read it, again a massive achievement when I think back to a year ago & some of her writing was unreadable, even to her. We can not thank Antony enough for all he has done for our daughter & importantly how much fun he has made it for her, so much so, that she looks forward to her lessons with him. 
Antony has tutored my daughter since the start of Year 5. She has made great progress this year and this has had an amazing impact on her confidence. He took the time to really understand her style of learning, her strengths and weaknesses. She is very happy with her lessons and we are looking forward to Antony's continuous support during Year 6 and in Secondary School. Thoroughly recommend him as a tutor.


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